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Home of the Anthony, Barry, and Macavity Award-winning author James W. Ziskin

The Ellie Stone Mysteries have also been finalists for the EDGAR® and LEFTY Awards

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  1. Just finished Turn To Stone, another masterpiece that left me with some salty discharge at the end! Please keep them coming!!

    1. Thank you, Anna! So nice to hear.

  2. I must thank Mark Pryor for having his character read an Ellie Stone mystery – I had to find out more, started with Styx & Stone, and now I’m hooked! Ellie is one hot ticket and the plots, writing, and wordplay are the best. Keep ‘em coming!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. And thanks to Mark. Did you notice the sheriff in A Stone’s Throw has Mark’s son’s name? I asked his permission, of course. Anyway, your message means a lot to me. It’s so nice to hear from readers. Best wishes, Jim

  3. Collected and enjoyed every Stone novel. Where is #8? Key Stone…. Locks all of the Stones into position, allowing the arch to bear weight….

    1. Thank you, Anita for your kind words. I hadn’t thought of key Stone. Hmm… We’ll have to see. I still have a few more titles up my sleeve. Jim

  4. Thank you sooo much for giving me such great stories and memories! I am into Book #6 of Ellie Stone’s adventures and dilemmas. I grew up in/near “New Holland” and the settings of the 1960s were my high school/college years. I have had great fun deciphering some of your actual settings and remembering the actual locations. Your fiction has brought me real life memories. At times I have tried to recall the pizza places or the bars of my youth and you have helped me remember and given me hours of enjoyment. As a retired library director I now have time to read many of the books on my TBR list, so happy I found your works!

    1. Dear Chris,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying these books. If you have any questions about what might be what or who might be who, feel free to ask. I MIGHT tell. Jim

      1. My cousins went to that “New Holland” high school at the same time with you. I think we will have fun figuring it out! Thanks!

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